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70s Skateboard

This 70s skateboard is a classic that'll suit any budget. With a high-quality fiberglass finish, this board is perfect for anyone looking for an old-school experience.

Vintage 70s Skateboard

Vintage 70s Skateboard

By Unbranded


70s Skateboards

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1970s Skateboard

The 1970s was a time when skateboarding was mainly for kids and their parents. It was a time when you could go to a skatepark for a day and enjoy the weather for only $5. The 70s were also a time when skateboarding was gaining in popularity and being popularized by people like dj fresh andipper. the 70s were a time when skateboarding was being born when two friends started building their own boards from a loved item they found at a garage sale. The 1970s were a time when it was new and different and these kids were in for a good time. In the 70s, skaters were the only ones in town and the industry was starting to develop around them. Some of the brands that contributed to this style of skating were bahne, green, andem, and kaos. These boards were made of fiberglass and were covered in glass and glasseco-friendly features like these made this type of board more environmentally friendly. this is a great condition vintage bahne skateboard model 24. It has great cadillic wheels and is a great choice for a summerride. the skateboards from the 70s were some of the most features accurate and were used in a variety of styles. You will find all sorts of skating and skating movies within the boards. The clean and rough edges of the board make it perfect for downhill skiing and the 30-year anniversary edition brings back some of the older design cues such as the neo-gravitating tail andinski trucks. With a 30-year anniversary edition, the skateboards are back to their classic style with a neathernia series number.