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Christian Hosoi Skateboard Vintage

This is a vintage skateboard poster stickers set of tony hawk 1983 christian hosoi monty. It is a great addition to your skateboarding collection. The sticker set is perfect for any fan of the sport or anyone looking for a unique sticker to add to their skateboard.

Cheap Christian Hosoi Skateboard Vintage

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Christian Hosoi Skateboard Vintage Walmart

This is a very rare vintage nos christian hosoi skateboard. The board is signed by christian hosoi and the extras include a 1984 calendar and a 1984 skateboard sticker. This board is absolutely amazing and is a great addition to any skateboarder's collection. this is a great set of two rolls skated by christian hosoi back in the day. They have the real og race look and feel to them, with a fake christian hosoi name on the front and a "racer fake" name on the back. These are great for thelookin for skateboarding! this santa cruz skateboard is a classic that has been through a lot of changes over the years. The santa cruz christian hosoi fabric is a great example of how two different cultures can be combined to create a design that is both stylish and cool. This board is complete with religious symbols and or representations of life such as stars and planets on the deck. The wood is a good quality and long lasting the wood deck is durable and long lasting. this christian hosoi skateboard is a beautiful bowl-shaped board with a light blue and pink finish. It is made from vintage-era neoprene skateboarding pronouns (sic) and has a blem 71 design withchristian hosoi's name in bright blue lettering. This skateboard is only 150 made, and is a great addition to any christian hosoi collection.