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Roller Derby Skateboard

This is a relic of the 70s from vintage skateboards. It has a uthane wheelset and is rare with a vintage 70s style insignia. It is a great day or week dressed skateboarder dream come true.

Roller Derby #10 Skateboard ~ 19

Roller Derby Skateboards

There's more than just roller derby skateboards! There's more than just a pair of skateboards - there's an even more advanced product! this is not just any skateboard - this is an incredible product that is built to last. The board is made out of white technical kingritus wood and it has an tough yet comfortable design. It will hardwire with easy steps and it's perfect for those who want to stay ahead of the game. if you're looking for a product that will make you feel like a professional skateboarder, then check out the roller derby skateboards!

Roller Derby #10 Skateboard

This 76 yellow skateboard with continental slicks is the perfect addition to any roller derby team. It features a meet the press stencil and is made from durable skateboardsguider. Com materials. This board is sure to help increase the team's speed and agility. this is a great roller derby skateboard from the 1960s. It is vintage! The wheel is in great condition and the metal on the wheel is so smooth it's amazing. This skateboard has the kit (kit case) roller derby card. It has the original instructions manual. This is a great opportunity to own a classic roller derby skateboard in a perfect condition. this is a perfect board for roller derby skiers! It is all original in terms of wheels and is therefore very comfortable to ride. The deluxe wooden skateboard is 8. 5" wide, 6" deep and has a black lacquer finish. It is also covered in golden stripes and waves. This board is perfect for any roller derby needs you may need! this is a fantastic roller derby skateboard from the 60s-70s. It has a vintage deluxe graphic on the back and is in great condition. This board is a great choice for any roller derby enthusiast.