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Original Skateboards

Original skateboards from the 80s are back in stock and at great prices! Get your board today!

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Top 10 Original Skateboards

Looking for a stylish and functional skateboard deck? look no further than the adidas originals california mens t-shirt. This short sashort has atrefoil retro 3-stripes short sleeve design that will make any ride anyhow. this is an original vintage skateboard from the 80s. It is a pink face skateboard with an old-fashioned design. It is made of durable materials and is a great addition to any collection. if you're looking for a used skateboard that's still in great condition, this is the one for you! This particular model is from the 1980s and still looks great, even decades after the fact! You can trust that it'll last long term, and it'll last you for years to come. rick howard is a legendary skateboarder who has been playing in the original 90s modern chair girl style for years on through his boards. This $10 board is his final project before he dies in a car accident.